Oct. 24, 2022, 5:51 a.m.    Hans    (988)

Display REC 1.3 (25)

REC in car save outside video into storage as evidence after emergency. The device is recording forever, remove oldest video for storage new video part.

Yet, Display REC designed for the software testing process can timely review the operation process just carried out when the program error is found.

* Display the exactly time when review.
* Also, pull the process bar to the place whenever you need to review.


Known bugs:

Nov 9 2022 1.3 (25)
New function: multiple speed playback, reversal the past operation records.
Fix: After Display REC is turned on, there are no recording errors in the new window.

Nov 6 2022 1.2 (21)
Automatically resume recording display after leaving the review window.
Fix errors that sometimes stop recording.

Nov 2 2022 1.1 (20) Available on Apple Store

Oct 30 2022 1.1(16)
修复: 回看拖动到最右侧,有错误的图像
修复: 12.5、12.6无法录像错误。

Oct 27 2022 1.1 (10)
修复12.5 下无法录制图像问题

Oct 26 2022 1.1 (6)

Oct 25 2022 1.1 (5)
- [x] Continue record after macOS wakeup.
- [x] 修复部分个别窗口没有录制的错误。

Oct 25 2022 1.1 (4): Build in Ventura.


Review and try to find reasons.

Review and try to find reasons.

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